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Facial Cleanser| Oncology line


Facial Cleanser from our Oncologyc® range is a facial gel that is gentle on the skin, cleans and removes impurities in a way that respects the skin since it does not cause irritation. The aesthetic professional will be able to cover all the aesthetic needs of the cancer patient safely. The container contains: 225ml. Certified Vegan Product PETA Products...

Micelar Water | Oncology line


Micellar Water from the Oncologyc® range is a very versatile product, as it helps us both to remove makeup and to remove traces of dirt and impurities present on our skin. We achieve a cleansing that does not dry out the skin, and at the same time leaves skin fresh and hydrated. The container contains 230ml. Certified Vegan Product PETA Products suitable...

Alginate Mask Vegan|...


The ANTIOXIDANT alginate mask is formulated for treatments with antioxidant effects, cleanses the skin and regenerates cellular structures. The container contains 120 grams of powder. Product with a Vegan Certificate PETA Products suitable for sensitive skin, with dermatological problems such as dermatitis and for oncological skin. Product Origin: Spain