We have currently developed a line of oncological cosmetics, since people who are in the process of oncological treatment do not have specific treatments for them in beauty centers.

We must remember that during this process their skin deteriorates a lot and it is for this reason that it is so important to take care of their skin as it deserves, in addition to helping the person look better, we help them to have better self-esteem and we support them in that process.

The cancer patient will have both treatments in beauty centers and products specially designed for them, which they can purchase both in beauty centers and in pharmacies, parapharmacies and some perfume shops.

All of our Oncologyc® cosmetic line contains more than 90% natural ingredients, organic ingredients and is suitable for natural cosmetics.

In recent years, new cases of cancer in Spain have suffered a progressive increase, specifically in the year 2021, 285,530 new cases have appeared according to the Spanish Association Against Cancer. And it is estimated that 23 million new cases will be diagnosed worldwide. It is because of this need that we are already present in different countries and we distribute worldwide.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a certificate granted to companies whose products and ingredients are not tested on animals, they also offer the Cruelty Free and Vegan seal for companies that also do not include any ingredients of animal origin in their products nor any of its derivatives.

Velet Cosmetics is included as a company certified byPETA.