Having porcelain skin is every woman's dream. Thanks to this dream, a wide variety of makeup and techniques have emerged to cover imperfections. However, most of these items only deliver short-term results.

Given this fact, the following question arises: is there a way to always have perfect skin? Next, we will discuss this and analyze the different ways in which this result can be achieved.

Definition of "perfect skin"

First of all, it is convenient to define the term "perfect skin" and explain what we mean when we use it.

Experts define perfect skin as one that lacks blemishes, acne, blackheads, scars, dark circles or any other type of imperfection.

Most of these blemishes are a direct consequence of decreased collagen and elastin production. These compounds are proteins that promote cell rejuvenation and elasticity in the skin.

Our body naturally synthesizes collagen. However, as the years go by, this capacity deteriorates or wears out, to the point where it is necessary to stimulate the production of collagen (either through creams, injections, etc.).

In other words, when we speak of "perfect skin" we also refer to "skin rich in collagen and elastin".

Not only age influences the deterioration of our skin cells, but also stress, sunlight, tobacco, etc. For this reason, to fulfill the dream of having perfect skin, care must be taken with these factors and special treatments applied to counteract cell damage.

Methods to always have perfect skin

Most of the existing skin care treatments allow you to obtain perfect skin after months or even years. Furthermore, these are methods whose effects may not last over time.

Apart from daily personal care (such as drinking lots of water, using sunscreen, exercising, removing make-up before bed and eating a balanced diet), it is advisable to constantly apply moisturizers, exfoliants, ampoules with hyaluronic acid, etc.

These techniques require a constant dedication of time and effort. However, there are also methods through which you can get almost immediate results.

Some of these methods are:

  • Chemical peeling. It is a technique that consists of eliminating the outermost layers of the skin, which stimulates natural regeneration and results in obtaining perfect skin.

  • Laser therapies. With them you get a smooth and fresh skin in a short time, and consists of the application of laser light whose power will vary according to the type of skin.

  • Mesoglow. It is a technique that applies hyaluronic acid to the entire skin of the face and neck. This element has the ability to hydrate the skin, which allows to obtain a smoother and blemish-free skin.

  • Platelet rich plasma. This treatment seeks to stimulate the natural production of collagen and elastin, resulting in porcelain skin.

Although these techniques are effective, the reality is that they do not offer lasting results and require several treatment sessions to achieve porcelain skin.

However, today there is a revolutionary technique that has not stopped growing in popularity, since it offers you results with up to 1 year of duration. This technique is called "BB Glow".

What is the BB Glow?

It is a treatment that uses the microneedling method, which consists of micro-puncturing the skin in order to help moisturizing and rejuvenating products penetrate the layers of the epidermis.

Many people call this technique "the all-in-one of cosmetics", since it inserts elements such as: vitamin A, C and E, hyaluronic acid, special peptides and niamicide (a vitamin known to be a powerful depigmenting agent, ideal for removing stains).

Furthermore, the BB Glow treatment is considered "non-invasive" compared to conventional methods.

You can start to see the results from the first application. Similarly, many people apply between 3 and 5 sessions to guarantee an optimal result.


Having perfect skin always requires commitment, dedication and healthy habits. However, by combining these habits with certain special skin treatments you can get incredible results.

Commit to your beauty and seek to show off porcelain skin in all its splendor.