Currently we find cosmetic products that claim to be vegan and cruelty free ...

We are going to explain what each thing is:

Definition of Cruelty Free:

European legislation prohibits animal testing for cosmetic products except when necessary for the safety of workers and REACH. Furthermore, the European Union allows the marketing of cosmetic products throughout Europe, brought from China (in this country they are obliged to test ingredients and cosmetic products on animals).

Therefore, the fact that a cosmetic product has a Spanish brand does not guarantee that the product is Cruelty Free.

Definition of Vegan

Vegan is understood to be any cosmetic that does not contain products of animal origin or their derivatives.

We as consumers of these products must know if the product is Vegan or not. The most important step to know if the product is vegan, is to know if the product comes from China or is manufactured in Europe and in many cases it is difficult to know since finished products and ingredients can be brought from third countries and marketed as European.

The only thing that is 100% sure is to be guided by vegan and cruelty free certification companies (Peta, VeganSociety, V Label, etc.) these companies visit the laboratories and inspect each ingredient and its manufacture.