The BB Glow is a technique that originated in South Korea, whose purpose is to obtain a shiny, smooth skin without any type of imperfections (such as spots, acne, dark circles, scars, etc.). Although this technique was originally developed by Korean laboratories, Europe has not stopped innovating in this regard.

At present, several European countries have changed and improved the formula of the compounds that make up BB Glow, this in order to guarantee better results and reduce the probability that some type of adverse effect will be generated. Next, we will explain in more detail why it is better to buy European-made BB Glow.

  1. European BB Glow does not contain Rh-Oligopeptide-1

This compound is useful for removing wrinkles (since it promotes cell growth and regeneration) however, it is believed that this compound can stimulate the appearance of granulomas on the skin, making it a PROHIBITED ingredient in Europe for use in cosmetics by the European Commission (see Restriction II / 216, Regulation (EC) no 1223/2009) so that the acquisition and use of cosmetics with this ingredient could lead to many legal and health problems for the end user.

  1. European BB Glow uses certified serums

Using a European BB Glow treatment will guarantee the best results, since it has certified and professional elements.

The BB Glow serum is the element that contains all the necessary compounds to hydrate and rejuvenate the dermis. In European products, these serums are characterized by being of high quality and having been tested as skincare products.

With these products, you can show off a rejuvenated skin free of any type of imperfection.

  1. Velvet Cosmetics creates the first Vegan BB Glow

Europe has been an innovative continent in this sense, and more and more companies are joining the initiative for animal care and the environment.

Over the years and mainly due to the environmental changes that society has undergone during the last decades, the use of beauty products made with natural ingredients has become popular. In addition, these products are characterized by not being tested on animals.

By purchasing the BB Glow from Velet Cosmetics you will be contributing to this innovative development.

  1. The European BB Glow is suitable for all skin types

Because it was developed in Korea, BB Glow was originally special for Asian skin. These skins are characterized by being much thicker, by having larger fibroblasts and by having greater amounts of collagen in the dermis.

This means that many Korean pigmented serums and procedures are not recommended for use on European skin.

These differences with respect to skin type made it clear the need to adapt this treatment for the European population. This is how various companies and companies began to develop all kinds of BB Glow serums, as well as pigmented elements and special microneedles.

In this sense, buying European-made BB Glow gives you the security and confidence of acquiring a product suitable for your skin. This will not only allow you to enjoy better results, but it will also decrease the likelihood that your body will reject the treatment and generate some type of adverse reaction.


The European BB Glow treatment is the best option for non-Asian skin, as well as providing optimal results and is made from compounds that take care of animal and environmental diversity.

In addition to this, by buying European-made BB Glow you are acquiring a high quality product, with which there is little probability of suffering any side effects (such as the appearance of granulomas, for example).


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